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Why Here? The Weather of Course!

In a perfect world, the climate where you live would have 325 days of sunshine, an average temperature of 25'C / 76'F and approximately 60" of rainfall annually to keep the vegetation lush while warm trade winds gently nudge white billowy clouds across an infinitely blue sky.  


Sounds utopic doesn't it? Well, we've just described the weather here on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, the ulitmate location for a resort community to thrive!  



Is it a 3rd world country?
It was 30 years ago but today, the Dominican Republic is on the cusp of becoming a world class vacation destination.
Rich in natural resources, our proximity to both North and South America and our amazing one season climate better known as summer jettisoned the Dominican into a developing nation status at a phenomenal pace.
We now have modern airports and medical facilities, international schools, a constantly improving infra structure and evolving technologies, a booming tourism industry, farming, cocao, precious metals, movie studios, music, happy people and countless ground floor opportunities for the entrepreneur.  All this surrounded by natural untouched tropical vistas and turquoise seas ...
The north coast of the Dominican Republic
really does have it all!
Who is visiting Naturaleza Tranquila?
Here is a look at our visitors by location, maybe its even someone you know?

Invest in Dominican Republic, a country of opportunities.....

Live and Invest in the Dominican Republic...

This is a video created by our friends at Live and Invest Overseas, to visit there website click Here

Video documentary, of Dominican Republic from the air 2015  

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